Who Are We?

S.A.Pishro Company has started official activities since 1999 with a team of well experienced and qualified experts.

Having a lead position in Registration and Import of medical, Chemical, industrial and research instruments, a close and constant cooperation with many manufacturers, facilities, research institute and hospitals.

After in-depth survey of the market, S.A.Pishro enterprises to register and import the products from manufactures and suppliers according to the market needs. The products are now being widely distributed all over the country by our agents. Our business practices and processes are designed to achieve qualitative results above and over the customer's expectations.


We are EAGER to cooperate with you

In order to represent your company in our country, we believe our mutual moves better follow these steps:

Communication                        >>

Introducing ourself, Expressing and reasoning our interest in your product and clarifying our strategy.

Mutual agreement

Receiving your reply and review. Applying your desired changes in our strategy and coming to an agreement for further moves.

Market research                        >>

Having enough resources and knowledge about the product, we will translate brochures and define your product (and how it works) to the prospects and gather a survey data.

Receiving a GO!

Sharing the survey data, if it reaches your target and business goals, further official activities and shipment will be discussed. Or if the data and business is not reasonable other solutions and tactics will be discussed.

Constant updates

Through the process, we keep you updated and won't loose contact. We always appreciate your advices, suggestions and solutions. Our goal is to keep way ahead of the goal!